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Welcome to Syvstjernen - Maersk Yacht Club
The Maersk Yacht Club 'Syvstjernen' is a company sponsored club that is open to all office employees of A.P. Møller-Maersk. The purpose of the club is to provide sailing social activities to all its members, regardless of sailing experience. The club owns and operates six 9-10 meter yachts (located in Langelinie Lystbådehavns a short 10 min  walk from the office) and organizes weekly events for all members, both to sharpen and apply their sailing skills, but also to learn how to sail (and eventually become a skipper if desired).
Furthermore, experienced members with a valid Danish Sailing License (Duelighedsbevis) have the opportunity to skipper and rent the boats for holidays, weekend or evening sail at reasonable prices.
The club runs navigation courses yearly before season start for members interested in getting the Duelighedsbevis. The courses are available in both Danish and English.
Being a member of the club is a great way to enjoy the summer season in Copenhagen and network amongst colleagues from different departments and business units.

The club is run on a volunteer basis by employees of the company and any member wishing to be more active in the club (e.g. help organize races, take care of boats, etc...) can do so by reaching out to the Board.

How to join?

Simply register as a user in the website and sign up for ('active member') membership for an annual fee of 900 dkk, which includes free participation in all club organized activities.

What kind of activities can I expect?

Weekly there will be 'crew evenings' where members can learn how to sail with experienced skippers or simply improve their skills. There are also weekly 'Monday races' where members can try out their skills on a regatta setting together with other boats. This is usually followed by a dinner. For the more experienced, there are Wednesday races and the J-80. Further to the weekly activities the club participates in a series of annual races such as the Maersk Cup (organized by the club), Sjæland Rundt, Saltholm Rundt, Round the Forts and others.

How can I become a skipper and rent the boats?

If you have proven sailing experience and hold a License, you can show your skills to the approving skippers who will make a recommendation for approval. You can then rent the boats for reasonable prices:
Weekend rent - 450/500 dkk/day
Evening rent during the week (after 16:00): 100 dkk

How long will it take for me to rent the boats?

This is very subjective and varies based on a person's experience, wish to participate and confidence being a skipper. For non-experienced members this can take 2 or 3 seasons but for experienced members it can be a couple of months.

When is the sailing season?

The season starts at the beginning of May and ends usually mid-October (depending on the weather). The yachts can be rented for holidays, weekend, day or evening sailing.
Navigation and seamanship classes (Duelighedsbevis) are held in spring each year (in the March-May period).
Next course is in 2019.


Syvstjernen participates in the J70 “SAILING LEAGUE” 2. division.
Read more under "Racing".