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The Yacht Club sponsors participation in:
  • June - FYN Round
  • June - HVEN Round
  • June 16th- MAERSK Cup
  • June - Sealand Round
  • August - Rundt om Forterne
  • September - Saltholm Round (Øresund- Week)
  • September - ØRC (Øresund Rally for Cruisers)
  • 2018 Sailing League - 4 weekends: 2 Spring/2 Fall
  • 2018 LLB Monday races
  • 2018 Svanemøllen Kredsen Wednesday races
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 Syvstjernen is back again in the 2018 “SAILING LEAGUE” 2. Division

2017 was the first year Syvstjernen entered the international fast growing SAILING LEAGUE competition, sailed in the fast and agile J/70. The competition was fierce and all small mistakes were seen directly in the performance.

Highlights of the 2017 season is that the team managed to take a few race wins in each of the 3 last regattas, though there is still need to work on consistency, as sometimes the team was dragged down by a few bad results. The level of sailing is getting more and more difficult and more and more sailors are sailing the Liga (Even in division 2), so that in consideration it has been good that we have still managed to improve.

Approach and suggestion for 2018 is to try and get more people in the club involved in the J/70 racing. 

The “Sailing Leagues” spans 4 weekends packed with racings in 4 locations spread across the country. It is shared on all media platforms with live tracking and TV-commentating and Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Some club members followed in 2017 the team online during the races and had live chats on Facebook running simultaneously. In short this is a professionally run event series and the most serious race offering in Denmark these days.

Syvstjernen will again enter the 2nd division of the “Sailing League” together with 17 fellow clubs and is guaranteed participation in all 4 events listed below.

Race 1. Division2. Division
Race 1 | Frederikshavn 26. maj - 27. maj 2. jun - 3. jun
Race 2 | Kerteminde 16. jun - 17. jun 23. jun - 24. jun
Race 3 | Skovshoved 24. aug - 26. aug 18. aug - 19. aug
Race 4 | Aarhus 7. sep - 9. sep 1. sep - 2. sep

How to participate

As only 1 team is able to represent the Syvstjernen Yachtclub colors at each event we will organize two qualification days, one in MAY for the 2 spring events and one in AUGUST for the 2 fall events. Dates to be confirmed based on number of signed up teams.

How to sign up – Safety first

As these boats are very demanding and different from the traditional boats known in the club (exception is our new J/80), the following participation conditions are in place for signing up to first and foremost ensure the safety of those participating. Also ensuring the team will be able to compete on equal terms in the events with the other clubs/not compromising the safety and integrity of the racing events.

1. REQUIRED EXPERIENCE: As these boats are very demanding at least 1 team member has to have extended experience sailing with asymmetric spinnakers and extended racing experience, not required to be in a boat type using asymmetric spinnaker (and feel comfortably managing the crew on the water). This person is responsible for signing off the combined crew’s ability to safely manoeuvre the boat in any condition.

2. YOU SIGN UP AS A TEAM: Due to the 1. requirement organizing the team will be with YOU. The sailing team consist of 4 people on the boat (you can be up to 8 in total/only racing 4 at any time) – use your club friends, our Facebook group and the crew evenings to find your team.

3. PARTICIPATION: As the participation comes with obligations for the club your team is required to be able to participate in the 2 events potentially qualified for.

4. ENGAGING: This is a club event and it is for the club. The intention is to bring the club together and supporting the team going out there and representing the club colors. Therefor it is also the team qualified responsibility to engage the club through Facebook and our website with stories and news about the progression.


The participation in the events is covered by the club. Transportation, food and accommodation will be covered by the team.




Do you have questions or comments please feel free to contact Toby, Hristo or Mikael.

Best regards,