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Navigation Course 2020 (Thursdays)
The event has been re-opened to fill the last open spots. By invitation only according to waiting list.
The dates for the theoretical part below have changed while those for the practical part remain unchanged.
Syvstjernen Navigation Course 2020
The Yacht Club Syvstjernen is again this year facilitating navigation courses for Maersk employees and the signup is now open!
The course consists of a theoretical and a practical part. By completing both parts you will get issued an internationally recognised Certificate of Proficiency (Duelighedsbevis i sejlads for fritidssejlere).
The Theoretical Part: 
There will be two classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, respectively. This registration and the dates below are the Thursday classes. Please be aware that when signing up to classes on Thursdays, it is not possible to participate in the Tuesday classes.
The theoretical part will consists of a number of class room sessions and finalised with an exam with an external censor. The course language is English and the classes will take place from 17:15 to approx. 21:00 in B2 Panama at Esplanaden 50 on the following dates: 
  • 12/3-2020
  • 19/3-2020
  • 26/3-2020
  • 2/4-2020
  • 16/4-2020
The exam will also take place from 17:15 to approx. 21:00 in B2 Panama at Esplanaden 50, but on the following dates:
  • 21/4-2020
  • 23/4-2020
  • 28/4-2020
  • 30/4-2020
You will only need to be present at one of these days and once the course has started we will figure out who can do the exam when. 
The topics that will be covered are:
- Rules at sea (Søvejsreglerne)
- Navigation (Navigation)
- Safety at sea (Søsikkerhed)
- Fire prevention (Forebyggelse af brand)
- Protection of the marine environment (Beskyttelse af havmiljøet)
A maximum of 20 participants per class will be filled on a ‘first come – first served’ basis.
There will be homework required and when signing up we expect that you intend to attend the classes and do the exam. 
The Practical Part:
Practical training is held throughout the sailing season in continuation of the theoretical part. You can read more about this and other club activities on the club''s website:
You can sign up to the club activities, including the crew evenings, on a week by week basis once the season starts. 
The aim of the practical instruction and training is build your skills within:
- Boat handling
- Man-overboard manoeuvres
- Handling of rope
- Use of safety equipment
- Application of International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea (De Internationale Søvejsregler) etc.
The practical exams will take place in August and September on the following days:
  • 23/8-2020
  • 29/8-2020
  • 30/8-2020
  • 5/9-2020
As with the theoretical exam, you will only need to be present at one of these days. Decision on which participant is examined on which day will be decided before the summer in order to accommodate everyone’s schedules as far as possible.
Please note that while the navigation course will take you some of the way, you will not gain enough experience to become a skipper in the club and thereby be able to rent the boats for private use unless you have previous sailing experience. Building enough experience as a beginner normally takes 1½-2 seasons of regular sailing. 
How To Sign Up? 
Participants must be active members of the Yacht Club Syvstjernen to be able to sign up for the course. The membership fee is DKK 900 and covers the entire 2020.
Once you have signed up for a membership and paid the membership fee, you will be able to sign up for the navigation course. The participation fee for the course is DKK 2,600, which covers all material, instruction and fees to the Danish Maritime Authority (Søfartsstyrelsen) for both the theoretical and the practical part. 
For further details you can contact or
Yours faithfully,
Sejlklubben Syvstjernen / Yacht Club Syvstjernen

18 /19
28.05.2020 at. 17.00 - 16.07.2020 at. 21.00
TBD at Esplanaden
2600.00 DKK
You subsequently have the opportunity to unsubscribe under "My registrations"