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The Yacht Club sponsors participation in:

  • June 2021 - HVEN Round
  • August 2021 - MAERSK Cup
  • July 2021 - Sealand Round
  • August 2021 - Rundt om Forterne
  • September 2021 - Saltholm Round (Øresund- Week)
  • September 2021 - ØRC (Øresund Rally for Cruisers)
  • 2021 Sailing League - 4 weekends: 2 Spring/2 Summer (see below)
  • 2021 LLB Monday races
  • 2021 Svanemøllen Kredsen Wednesday races

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J80 World Championship in Rungsted 3-10 July

The J80 World Championship will be held this summer in Rungsted, so a genuine chance to participate in the ultimate J80 experience is just on your doorstep.

Syvstjernen is looking for teams that wish to take Ping to the Worlds. One team has already announced their interest, so gather a team there will be a qualification match to decide who is going. The plan is that Syvstjernen will team-up with at least 5 other J80 teams in the area so Ping can participate in class races for J80 on Wednesday evenings in order that the selected team will be sharp for the event. After the summer holidays the Wednesday evening races will be open to all to participate, on a similar set-up as the Nivå Vinter Cup races on Sundays.

Don’t be shy, come forward and announce your team by contacting with in copy.


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Sejlsportsliga 2021

This year’s Sejlsportsliga is on and we have received the dates as follows:

All regattas are 2 days over a weekend:
• Middelfart / 2. division / 15. - 16. maj
• Aalborg / 2. division / 19. - 20. juni
• Oure/Sydfyn / 2. division / 14.-
15. august
• Aarhus / 2.
Division / 28. - 29. August

We have a number of people already signed up, but Syvstjernen is looking for further teams/participants for the Liga. It is full on racing in the J70 ( with Gennakers, so is open for anyone keen to try some fast paced racing!

There are a total of 20 teams in our division, and races are typically sailed between 6 (brand new) boats at a time with on the water umpires, each race lasting about 20 mins. Teams typically finish within 1 minute of each other, making this kind of racing very exciting and high pressure. Then teams switch over on the water and on average sail 10-15 races in a weekend. We are also looking at some training times this year as well, this will most likely be out of KDY in Skovshoved.

You can register interest for yourself or your team by contacting with in copy.

Furthermore, there is also a women’s section of the Sejlsportligaen called ‘Women on water’ – if any of our female sailors are interested in making a team, please let us know as this would be great to enter as well! (dates are most likely same as the above).

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