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How to become a New Skipper in Syvstjernen Sejlklub 

Skipper approval is not a straight forward process and may vary for different individuals. If you want to become a skipper seek guidance from Syvstjernen members, attend crew evenings, be a part of the club. Becoming a skipper is about awareness of what is going on around and on the boat, firm but sensitive commanding of a crew, gaining respect of a crew, knowing the capabilities of the boat, taking action quickly when required and many other less tangible qualities. Any skipper will tell you there is a huge jump from being a crew member to being a skipper. That is something that cannot be learned in a classroom or from a book, it can only be gained by experience. We endeavour to approve skipper candidates who we believe have shown the potential to develop those qualities to a higher level. In practice, potential new skippers do not request an approval sail until they believe themselves to be ready in order to facilitate the club’s commitment to safety of all members, boats and other water users:

 - You hold a certificate issued by the Danish Maritime Authority Duelighedsbevis*

 - Get familiar and comfortable with the (New Skipper Check List)

 - Have a sign off on the Check List with 2 skippers

 - Maintain Sailing Log to justify your sailing experience

 -  Contact approving skippers (see below list) once you are confident and ready to become one. Have your sailing log updated, complete the New Skipper Check List and get recommendation from 2 skippers

 - Schedule an approval sail** with the approving skipper

 - Safety briefing

 - Skippers returning to the Club after a break of two years or more must seek a technical briefing (by Caretaker) on boats they were formerly approved on. This is necessary, as equipment is constantly being reviewed on the boats and changes do occur over the years.

-Technical Briefing by Caretaker 

1. Duelighedsbevis* - this certificate is obtained by attending a course of instruction in Navigation and Seamanship (run by the Club each spring). Alternatively, a skipper who has an equivalent qualification from another country (RYA Dayskipper or Yachtmaster for instance) can normally have this converted to the Duelighedsbevis - as long it is one of their accepted equivalents.

2. Approval Sail** - once arranged, usually takes the form of the approving skipper giving a technical briefing of the boat then handing over to the candidate to demonstrate that they can command the vessel and the crew on a short trip out into Øresund (usually an hour or two). This will always involve starting with a safety briefing to the crew. Clear instructions to the crew during all manoeuvers (including unmooring and leaving harbour, entering harbour and mooring, raising and lowering sails, etc.) is expected at all times. The candidate will be expected to demonstrate the ability to sail all points of the wind with appropriate sail trim, observe and respect buoyage and rules of the road, and ensure appropriate lights are displayed when necessary. An approving skipper may ask the candidate to moor in another harbour or carry out a mock Man Overboard exercise. There is no one specific approval test. Each approving skipper has their own way of assessing a candidate. The approving skipper is chosen because of his or her ability to judge whether a candidate has the necessary basic skills, attitude and awareness to become a responsible skipper who will also be a good Ambassador for the Club.

We look forward to welcoming more skippers into the Club and we endeavour to ensure high standards at all times. We are very visible in the Øresund and the harbours around us by our distinctive hull colours. Sejlklubben Syvstjernen must maintain our high standards, as we are indirectly representing our patrons the Maersk Foundation. 

Approved skippers have the opportunity to rent boats for private use, but as Syvstjernen is  a sailing club and not a charter company we require all skippers to participate in at least 4 club events (Monday races, Crew evenings, etc.) per season.

If you are already approved in one of the boats and wish to be approved in the others then you simply require a technical briefing by the respective caretaker (see below). This entails you have sufficient experience in each class of boat before you move on to the next.

Order of Approval is:



3.Knold & Tot 

Skipper Approval Check List:
List of Approving Skippers:
NameEmailTechnical Approval Owner
Nicolas Buhmannnicolas.buhmann@gtdsolutions.comKnold & Tot
Lennart Svendsenlennart.svendsen@maerskdrilling.comPing
Lars Schmeltzerlars.schmeltzer@lns.maersk.comPeter
Jerrik Waloejerrik.walloe@maersk.comRasmine