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Summer Sailing

From 9. July – 20. August.

Apply before 1. May -> boat allocation done after 1. May, if more skippers want the same boat in same week we look at previous year. People who did not use the boat the previous year get priority.

Only 1 week for rental (but if the boats are available after 1. May - 2 weeks possible).

The rental period starts Saturday at 12:00 and ends the following Saturday at 12:00. 

The boat needs to be clean and ready for the next rental.

Care-takers don’t have priority.

Please see below rental price and application form for summer sail.

Skipper duties:

Holiday sail excludes diesel. Boats need to be returned with full tank of gas & jerrycans re-filled if used. Contact the boat caretaker prior to Summer Sail to ensure gas tank and jerry cans are both full. 

Boat needs to be cleaned properly. Plan adequate time for cleaning when returning. 

Waste tanks need to be emptied prior to return.

 Regarding summer bookings contact:

Rental Price



Holiday week

(excl. Diesel/incl. Gas)


kr. 3.500,00


kr. 3.500,00

Hanse 315 - Tot

kr. 3.500,00

Hanse 315 - Knold

kr. 3.500,00