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Terms of Business for

Sejlklubben Syvstjernen’s website


General Information:

The Club's legal name: Sejlklubben Syvstjernen

Legal Status: Association

CVR No.: 34 67 12 14


Sejlklubben Syvstjernen

Esplanaden 50

1263 Copenhagen K

Official e-mail address:

Official URL:


All prices on are exclusive of VAT because we are an association.

Payments with your debit card for any of the following products:

·       Registration of membership
·       Boat rental
·       Events

·       Waiting list

·       Passive membership

Are pre-payments for the period specified in the transaction.

Sejlklubben Syvstjernen may charge a fee of DKK 1.45 per transaction + 0.1% on purchases of DKK 100 or more - and DKK 0.70 per transaction for purchases of DKK 50 or less.

There are no refunds. You can always view your transactions via your log-in.


The following debit cards can be used on



Payment is in advance.


It is a prerequisite for membership of Sejlklubben Syvstjernen that you register for payment via Dankort, Visa/Dankort or another debit card approved by Sejlklubben Syvstjernen and Nets.

In connection with your first payment, you grant Sejlklubben Syvstjernen permission to make future withdrawals from your account via your debit card until you either change or cancel your membership of Sejlklubben Syvstjernen.

The fee for membership of Sejlklubben Syvstjernen is deducted automatically from your debit card.

At least five days before each payment is due, you will receive an e-mail/text specifying the amount to be paid.
Payment for boat rent is deducted automatically from your debit card when you accept the conditions, you will receive an e-mail specifying the amount that has been paid.

Sejlklubben Syvstjernen uses, who has been approved by Nets as a viable payment option.

In connection with automatic withdrawals on you debit card, your card information is stored by, not Sejlklubben Syvstjernen.

A receipt for your payment is sent by e-mail. When you register, you accept our terms and conditions. Cancellation of your membership is done by contacting the Club.

Before the expiration date of your debit card or in connection with any changes in the card information, Sejlklubben Syvstjernen will send a reminder e-mail, after which you will need to register your new debit card. When you have received your new debit card, simply log on to www.sejlklubbensyvstjernen.klub-modul, click on ‘Transactions’, and then on ‘Edit debit card info’. Update the information. ‘Edit debit card info’ does not appear until you have received your new debit card.

Should your debit card be blocked, you are responsible for registering the new debit card.

This is also done on www.sejlklubbensyvstjernen.klub-modul, as explained above.


There is no right of cancellation, and money will not be refunded after registration unless a very good reason is given and approved by the Board.


When using the website, statistical data is collected. This data is completely anonymous, meaning that it does not contain information that can identify the user, even if the user is logged on. Sensitive data sent over the network is secured using SSL encryption (‘Secure Socket Layer’). The servers that store data about our members are securely placed behind a firewall. Information stored on the servers is not encrypted. The information provided by our members will be treated in strict confidence and will be used solely in connection with the billing of purchases from Sejlklubben Syvstjernen and for sending the newsletters to which our members have subscribed. As a registered user of Sejlklubben Syvstjernen, you always have access, and you may object to the registration under the rules of the Personal Data Act. Personal data is stored for 5 years after the last transaction with the member. No registered personal information is disclosed to third parties in any form at any time, except in accordance with the requirements of the law or as otherwise required by public authorities.


Members in Sejlklubben Syvstjernen are assigned a user name and password. It is the member’s responsibility to keep this information safe.


Newsletters are sent by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the member. Members may unsubscribe at any time from the newsletters by deleting their profile.


In connection with log-in, a temporary cookie is installed on the computer being used by the member.

In Internet Explorer (version 5.x), the cookie can be d under the menu ‘Tools’ – ‘Internet Options’ – ‘ Cookies’.


We have attempted to optimise the technology on the website so that it works with all of the most commonly used browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, and Chrome) and operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux).


Valid rates and current terms and conditions are available on the website.


Sejlklubben Syvstjernen is not responsible for the crash of or unstable access to the website, breakdown of power or internet connection, vandalism on the system (both physically as well as computer viruses and hacking), misuse of personal information or other issues and circumstances beyond its control.

In no event can Sejlklubben Syvstjernen and its content providers be held liable for the use of, and Sejlklubben Syvstjernen cannot guarantee or warrant that:

·       a team/class will meet the member’s expectations and needs;

· and the ads it makes accessible of any kind are error-free, accessible, correct, accurate, reliable, updated, secure, delivered punctually or can be used for the specified purpose.

Sejlklubben Syvstjernen and its content providers are not liable for any direct losses, consequential damages - including consequential loss - lost profits and incidental damages suffered by the member, the member’s customers/clients or third parties because of errors in ad texts or images.

If you do not agree with the above, please cease all use of Sejlklubben Syvstjernen’s services and leave the website. Any links to third party sites are not the responsibility of Sejlklubben Syvstjernen and it assumes no liability for any damages to the member from the use of Sejlklubben Syvstjernen’s services on If you wish to complain, please contact:


Sejlklubben Syvstjernen

Esplanaden 50

1263 Copenhagen K